Classic Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

The MHD classic hair colouring tutorial videos focus on beautiful salon friendly colours and the techniques needed to achieve accurate colour placement. The colours and sectioning place their emphasis on suitability and encourage the colourist to work closely with the stylist to enhance the haircut and client’s colouring and personality. Featuring salon staples that you use every day, such as highlighting, toning and balayage, the classic colouring tutorials are delivered by respected hairdressing educators including Tracy Hayes, Vic Piccolotto, Charmaine Piche and Mazella&Palmer, as well as up and coming new stylists such as Andreas Kurkowitz and Madeleine Murphy. All colourists should know the classic colour formulations, no matter which product they use, and MHD’s independence of specific colour houses means our tutorials can be easily employed by any colour technician.

21 training videos

Full Head Tint With Triangular Foil Placement On Frige

Full Head Tint With Triangular Foil Placement On Fringe

28 minutes

Bee Dixon's colouring tutorial demonstrates a full head tint with foil placement through the fringe to give depth and texture

Pure Golden Tones Hair

How To Do A Pure Golden Tones Hair Colour

13 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial emphasises the natural blend of tone and depth, working with fine triangles, pivoting sections from the crown in foil.

Full Head Bleach

Full Head Bleach With Toner Tutorial Video

15 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial covers bleaching and toning in a disciplined easy to understand manner.

Bleach Blonde Hair

How To Get Bleach Blonde Hair

21 minutes

Vic Piccolotto's colouring tutorial is a basic root tint application on a light base.

Bronde Jigsaw Sliced Colour Application

Bronde Jigsaw Sliced Colour Application Tutorial Video

31 minutes

Charmaine Piche’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a sectioning technique using foils to isolate sections and colours.