Creative Short Hairstyle Tutorials

4 training videos

How To Do A Combination Of One Length, Graduation & Layering

36 minutes

Alexander Dinter demonstrates a creative haircut featuring a combination of one length, graduation and layering with advice on hair quality, choice of technique, positioning of layering, methodology and suitability

Pastel Denim Blue Shadow Outline Hair Colouring

13 minutes

Andrea Bennett’s tutorial demonstrates a creative shadow outline application featuring zig-zagged slices, colour choice and diffusion

Soft Graduation With Pivoted Triangular Layering

28 minutes

Bastian Casaretto's haircutting tutorial features soft graduation, with pivoting triangular layering. The final result is an affable, parlour perfect haircut customised with a snuggly fitted back and emancipated lengths to add texture and movement to the interaction of cool and warm shades.

Asymmetric Block Colour and Colour Melting

17 minutes

Claus Hagenhoff demonstrates a fine example of close level colour work with polarity of tone using an asymmetric block colouring technique.