Avant-Garde Hair Tutorial Videos

Learn to push the boundaries of hairdressing

MHD's avant-garde hair tutorial videos cover a variety of haircutting, colouring and dressing tutorials that push the boundaries into experimental work and redefine the art of hairdressing. The shapes, colours and techniques outlined in these videos form an inspiring collection of tutorials that are ideal for advanced and creative hairdressers looking to progress into show/photographic work, editorial or even competitions. Including work by legendary hairdressers such as Tim Hartley, Stacey Broughton and John Vial, as well as some of the most exciting award-winning hairdressers such as Spain's X-Presion and Holland's Ilham Mestour and Hester Werner-Rijn, these hairdressing training videos demonstrate hairdressing at its finest and most artistic, a must watch for anybody looking to break the rules and push their creativity to new levels.

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