Hair Colour Correction

7 training videos
Colour Correction Hair With Red Orange Tones

26 minutes

Bruno Elorrioroz’s colouring tutorial begins by removing the all over colour using back to back sectionsbefore applying a deep orange/red all over base colour. The final result is a dark blonde with a rich red/orange tone to perfectly complement Charlotte's skin tone and eye colour.

14 minutes

Tracy Hayes' training head colour correction tutorial tackles a common problem - bleach growing out and a very large area of re-growth

Head Block Colouring

15 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ head block colouring tutorial teaches colour correction by the correct application of pre-pigmentation.

Grey Colour Hair Covered

25 minutes

Andreas Kurkowitz's colouring tutorial is an essential technique to successfully cover resistant white hair (grey hair).

18 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial tackles a common colour correction problem - heavily tinted black on hair with a very small re-growth.