Perming and Relaxing Hair

MHD’s collection of perming and relaxing hair training videos demonstrates a variety of chemical treatments for adding texture to, or smoothing the hair. The video tutorials cover all popular perm wind patterns and chemical applications, as well as popular smoothing or relaxing techniques such as a Keratin smoothing application, which is similar to a Brazilian blowdry. Hairdressing experts including Tracy Hayes, Michelle Thompson and Tracey Robinson, Charmaine Piche and Nathan Walker demonstrate step-by-step tutorials of the major techniques on a variety of textures, from type 1 to type 4 hair. We recommend that assistants and trainees watch and practice the perm winds particularly as these techniques also help to strengthen the fingers, which is essential for all hairdressers!

9 training videos

Perm hairstyle

Advanced Perm Technique Tutorial Video

26 minutes

Charmaine Piche's perming tutorial begins with nine sections dividing the head and a traditional perm technique starting in the nape.

Brickwork Perm Wind

How To Do A Brickwork Perm Wind

11 minutes

Tracy Hayes head block styling tutorial covers the basic brickwork perm wind

Chemical rearranger on type 4 hair

How To Do A Chemical Rearranger Service

31 minutes

Michelle Thompson and Tracey Robinson demonstrate a chemical rearranger service on Type 4 hair, changing the hair structure from a 4a coil with an irregular curl pattern to a 3b curl with a regular curl pattern

Basic Perm Wind

How To Do The Perm Winding Technique

16 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ perm wind technique is a very basic wind, perfect to begin learning the perm technique.

Keratin Smoothing Application Part 1

Keratin Smoothing Application Part 1

34 minutes

Nathan Walker’s two part tutorial demonstrates a keratin smoothing treatment application. In Part 1 Nathan, demonstrates the pre treatment service using a pre treatment cleanser