Perming and Relaxing Hair

9 training videos
Keratin Smoothing Application Part 1

34 minutes

Nathan Walker’s two part tutorial demonstrates a keratin smoothing treatment application. In Part 1 Nathan, demonstrates the pre treatment service using a pre treatment cleanser

Perm Story Part 3

28 minutes

In part three of our perm story Charmaine Piche demonstrates a weave perm and gives pointers on perm solutions, saturation and neutralising.

Perm Story Part 2

33 minutes

Part two of our perm series explores two double wind techniques, the Piggyback and Hopscotch perms.

Basic Perm Wind

16 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ perm wind technique is a very basic wind, perfect to begin learning the perm technique.

Brickwork Perm Wind

11 minutes

Tracy Hayes head block styling tutorial covers the basic brickwork perm wind