Fashion Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Learn fashion focused hair colouring techniques

Learn how to use hair colouring techniques to keep your clients ahead of the curve with these fashion-focused looks. Using a wide combination of techniques and colour combinations, these hairdressing training videos give you the skills and confidence to push the envelop and get creative with your hair colouring. Mastering the basic and advanced techniques from our video tutorials will ensure you can stay ahead of your competition through mastering the techniques of some of the Worlds best colourists such as Tracy Hayes, Charmaine Piche, Andreas Kurkowitz to name a few.

25 training videos

Spinning Wheel Colour

Spinning Wheel Colour

27 minutes

Louise Reeves' salon tutorial is a circular technique producing a rich base of plum violet with a circular band of reflective, cool aqueous tones providing dappled overtones and defining movement.

How To Do An Overlapping Tones Hair Colour Technique

How To Do An Overlapping Tones Hair Colour Technique

16 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s hair colouring tutorial demonstrates a technique of overlapping tones. Christiano covers suitability, colour palette, brush strokes, back to back foiling and working with existing pre-lightened area.

Men's Shine Line

How To Do A Men's Shine Line Tutorial

14 minutes

Charmaine Piche’s men’s hair colouring tutorial is a simple men's shine line, featuring pointers on colour placement, pre-lightening, tone and cleanliness of application

Fluid Hair Colour with Petrol Tones

How To Do A Fluid Hair Colour With Petrol Tones

31 minutes

Charmaine Piche's colouring tutorial achieves an understated array of petrol tones imparting subtle glints to the textured tendrils of Stacey Broughton's cut.

Pure Veil Hair Colouring

Pure Veil Hair Colouring Tutorial Video

22 minutes

Charmaine Piche's colour tutorial introduces the idea of pure veils of colour to enhance the perfect balance of round and square shapes by framing the dramatic fringe area with a veil of dark tone in a V-shaped section.