Vibrant Pink & Red Hair Colours

7 training videos

Asymmetric Block Colour and Colour Melting

17 minutes

Claus Hagenhoff demonstrates a fine example of close level colour work with polarity of tone using an asymmetric block colouring technique.

The Rose Cyclamen Shine Line

18 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced creative colouring tutorial accentuates the fringe with a shine line and uses a dark base colour to show it off at its best.

The Orange Technique Hair Colour Application

12 minutes

Bee Dixon’s creative colouring tutorial combines a hue of smokey purple for high shine with a rich mocha brown.

The Graduate - Multi-tonal Colour

14 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colouring tutorial incorporates a panelled block tint with a pre-lightened V-section of vivid magenta colour with a vibrant copper base colour to enhance and excite curls.

Pivoting Colour Gradient Hair Colouring Tutorial

23 minutes

Charmaine Piche’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a pivoting colour gradient technique which carefully places a lighter shade on the longer lengths of the haircut.