Advanced Total Look Tutorial Videos

Learn advanced cutting and colouring hairdressing techniques

Perfect for experienced stylists, the advanced total look video tutorials from MHD feature inspirational hairdressing lessons from the most creative and technical hairdressers working today, combining cut and colour videos to give you a complete look. These women's hairstyles feature a combination of cutting and styling techniques together with complementary colour techniques. The tutorials cover short, mid-length and long hair and may combine round, square and triangular shapes, as well as concave and asymmetric haircuts. The advanced haircutting techniques are taught by world-class and award-winning hairdressers, including Stacey Broughton, Mazella&Palmer, Tracey Hughes and Alexander Dinter. Scroll through the advanced hairstyles section on MHD to find inspiration for your own creativity and build on the hairdressing skills you already have with demanding, exciting and challenging new styles.

50 training videos

Round Graduation With Circular Crown Disconnection

Round Graduation With Circular Crown Disconnection

40 minutes

Alexander Dinter demonstrates a round graduated shape with disconnection through the top and a strong fringe. Techniques featured include sectioning, elevation, over-direction, disconnection and refining

Triangular Graduation Haircut

How To Cut A Triangular Graduation Haircut

31 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's haircut by Dove Palmer is a simple triangular graduated shape utilising the head shape.

Short Graduation With Disconnected L-Shape

Short Graduation With Disconnected L-Shape Video Tutorial

33 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s short graduated crop is full of technique and discipline that can be dressed up or down.

Full Head Bleach

Full Head Bleach With Toner Tutorial Video

15 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial covers bleaching and toning in a disciplined easy to understand manner.

Short Combination of Graduation, Layering and Disconnection

Short Combination of Graduation, Layering and Disconnection

31 minutes

Alexander Dinter's tutorial is a short symmetric haircut with graduation through the back and layering through the top.