Blonde Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Learn how to tone and colour blonde hair

Learn hair colouring techniques specific to blonde hair, to enhance existing blonde hair or to lighten hair to blonde. Each video in this category features basic to advanced techniques on short to long hair and covers classic to fashion-forward colouring ideas and tones. To brush up or gain new skills in this very lucrative section of the market, learn today from the World’s foremost colour technicians Tracy Hayes, Vic Piccolotto, Josh Wood, and many more.

34 training videos

Pastel Silver Hair Colour with Accent of Lemon and Grey Tones

Pastel Silver Hair Colour with Accent of Lemon and Grey Tones

19 minutes

Victor Piccolotto’s colouring tutorial is a two-tone base of cool mushroom and silver blonde with an accent of lemon and grey tones.

Bleach Blonde Hair

How To Get Bleach Blonde Hair

21 minutes

Vic Piccolotto's colouring tutorial is a basic root tint application on a light base.

Bleach And Toner Application

Step By Step Guide To Applying Bleach And Toner

33 minutes

In this tutorial Christiano Lanza demonstrates a bleach and toner application on men’s hair featuring pointers on method, even lift, porosity, colour palette and suitability

Full Head Bleach

Full Head Bleach With Toner Tutorial Video

15 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial covers bleaching and toning in a disciplined easy to understand manner.

Sheer Blonde Hair Colour

Sheer Blonde Hair Colour Tutorial Video

13 minutes

Josh Wood’s sheer blonde hair colouring tutorial is a nude colour which enhances the intricacies of Stacey Broughton's Short Advanced Concave haircut.