Golden Blonde Hair Colour Videos

7 training videos

How To Do A Pure Golden Tones Hair Colour

13 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial emphasises the natural blend of tone and depth, working with fine triangles, pivoting sections from the crown in foil.

Bronde Jigsaw Sliced Colour Application Tutorial Video

31 minutes

Charmaine Piche’s bronde colouring tutorial demonstrates a sectioning technique using foils to isolate sections and colours.

Splash Light Halo Colour Technique

42 minutes

Andrea Bennett’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a splash light technique for a seamless fusion of powdery amber, cinnamon and caramels with a shaft of colour giving the illusion of light

The Townhouse Caramel Blonde Hair Colours

29 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colour tutorial showcases a technique using colour sectioning and placement to produce a fusion of complimentary caramel blondes.

How To Do The Shadow Weave Foil Technique

28 minutes

Christians Lanza’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a Shadow Weave technique comprising of weaving, diagonal sectioning, foil methods, blending and choice of colour palette.