Bridal and Prom Hair Tutorial Videos

MHD’s bridal and prom tutorial videos demonstrate a variety of ways to dress hair for special occasions and formal events. Featuring video tutorials from some the World’s best hair-up experts including Sharon Blain, Michel Zeytoun, Patrick Cameron, as well as editorial specialists like James Rowe, Callam Warrington, Ilham Mestour and Joseph Koniak, the bridal and prom hairdressing videos provide a unique and sophisticated approach to dressing hair. Within the videos you will learn how to pleat, plait, twist, roll and pin hair. There’s advice on smoothing and adding texture as well as incorporating vintage hairdressing techniques with a modern twist. Learning these hairstyles and dressing hair techniques will provide you with a new revenue stream during prom season and give a year round income as the wedding season is now extended year round. The up-do hairstyles can also be easily adapted for other formal occasions and provide a foundation for dressing hair for photographic and fashion work.

22 training videos

The Bow & Twist Hairstyle

23 minutes

James Rowe’s dressing and styling tutorial combines two looks that James has used in fashion industry shows

How to do a classic chignon

16 minutes

Callam Warrington’s hairdressing tutorial teaches you how to use root direction and hand dexterity to complete a classic chignon

24 minutes

Callam Warrington's tutorial is a classic bridal look featuring a balance of elegant, soft curls and waves.

41 seconds

Sharon Blain demonstrates the method and placement of a front bun with a chignon base.

Wave Form Hairstyle

21 minutes

Michel Zeytoun’s bridal hair tutorial features a glamorous bridal updo, with an extended head shape. Michel demonstrates ponytail placement, wave forms, pinning and smoothing.