African Type Hair Tutorial Videos

Learn techniques specific to African textured hair

MHD's African type hair tutorials demonstrate the specific techniques required for cutting, colouring and styling African type hair. Depending on your location or cultural background, this may also be referred to as Afro-textured hair, Afro-Caribbean hair, African-American hair, or Type 4 hair. This section features hairdressing video tutorials from respected hairdressing educators and industry leading experts such as Michelle Thompson, Joseph Koniak, Eugene Davis and Hector Obeng. The hairdressing tutorials cover additional techniques such as keratin smoothing, braiding, weaving and adding cornrows.

20 training videos

Texture To Straight Blow Dry Hairstyle

Texture To Straight Blow Dry Tutorial Video

28 minutes

Snowden Hill's tutorial demonstrates a classic curly to straight blow dry featuring pointers on product use, tension, direction and finish.

Two Strand Twist On African Type 4 Hair

How To Do A Two Strand Twist On African Type 4 Hair

23 minutes

Eugene Davis’ dressing tutorial demonstrates a double strand twist on African Type 4 hair. Eugene provides pointers on hair preparation, even sectioning, consistent and appropriate tension, product use and aftercare.

Hidden And Revealed Cornrows Catwalk Hairstyle

How To Do Hidden And Revealed Cornrows

29 minutes

Joseph Koniak's dressing tutorial is a hidden and revealed cornrow technique demonstrating braiding and padding techniques, together with advice on placement and suitability.

Keratin Smoothing Application Part 1

Keratin Smoothing Application Part 1

34 minutes

Nathan Walker’s two part tutorial demonstrates a keratin smoothing treatment application. In Part 1 Nathan, demonstrates the pre treatment service using a pre treatment cleanser

Keratin Smoothing Application Part 2

Keratin Smoothing Application Part 2

27 minutes

In part 2 of Nathan Walker’s keratin smoothing treatment tutorial, he demonstrates the final part of the process by sealing in the treatment