African Type Hair Extension Tutorials

6 training videos

How To Add Micro Ring Hair Extensions To Hair

31 minutes

Inanch Emir demonstrates a microring method of adding hair extensions to increase length and volume to fine hair or very curly hair.

Plaited Hair Extensions

30 minutes

Hector Obeng’s tutorial demonstrates an application of plaited-in synthetic hair extensions, without the use of glue, wax, adhesives, clips or bonding agents.

Vertical Weave Part 1

30 minutes

Michelle Thompson’s hair extensions tutorial is the first in a two part presentation on how to apply a Vertical Weave

Vertical Weave Part 2

13 minutes

Michelle Thompson's hair extensions tutorial is the second in a two-part presentation concluding with a long sleek one-length look sporting a bold fringe.

Vertical Braid Part 1

70 minutes

In part 1 of her hair extensions tutorial Michelle Thompson demonstrates a vertical base braid which supports a curved natural medium length weave on Afro Caribbean hair.