Basic Hair Colouring Tutorial Videos

Our basic hair colouring video tutorials are perfect for those starting out in the industry and should be essential viewing as part of any in-salon training day for assistants and junior stylists. These salon friendly colours and techniques are the perfect training ground on which to build your colouring skills and feature techniques you will use in the salon every day and for years throughout your hairdressing career. All the MHD colouring techniques are taught by industry leading hairdressing experts who share their experience to ensure you learn the correct way, with clean techniques that teach you precision and professionalism that your clients and your employers are sure to appreciate. The videos include basic tinting and colouring techniques, giving you the foundations of foil placements and colour placement, as well as teaching you to match the techniques to best suit the client and show off the haircut to its best effect.

9 training videos

Semi-Permanent Colouring Hairdressing Tutorial

Basic Semi-Permanent Colouring Tutorial

16 minutes

Bee Dixon’s tutorial is the perfect introduction to colouring hair, with guidance to apply semi-permanent colour.

blonde roots, fix dark roots, blonde hair colouring

How To Do A Basic Bonde Root Tint Application

4 minutes

Bee Dixon’s basic colouring technique is a pure basic root tint application using an ash blonde based high lift tint.

How To Do A Basic Dark Root Tint Application

4 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colour tutorial is an all-over black tint application working from the crown to the nape.

How To Do A Fast Fix Hidden Hair Colour

7 minutes

Charmaine Piche demonstrates a quick fix, salon friendly technique as an introduction to colour for the client who would like to add a little interest and includes advice on colour palette, placement and texture.

How To Do A Short Two-Tone Tint

How To Do A Short Two-Tone Tint

7 minutes

Matt Comber's colouring tutorial shows how to enhance the haircut and maintain the depth of colour by adding a violet hue all over using two tones.