Basic Hair Colouring

9 training videos
Basic Colour & Foil Placement

15 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring technique uses a convertible, calculated mix of two tones purple shades against a dark palette.

Semi / Quasi Permanent Colour Application

19 minutes

Paul Phillips' tutorial demonstrates a high quality application of a semi-permanent colour (vegetable colour).

Basic Tint Application (Light)

20 minutes

Charmaine Piche's colouring tutorial is a basic root tint application

Basic Root Tint Application (Dark)

4 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colour tutorial is an all-over black tint application working from the crown to the nape.

Virgin Tint Application on African Type Hair

27 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s hair colouring video tutorial demonstrates a virgin tint application on type 4 African hair.