Hair Extensions Tutorial Videos

MHD presents a range of hair extensions tutorials for hairdressers who wish to extend their services for clients or to use these techniques for photographic or show hairdressing. Featuring educational videos from some of the most respected hairdressers such as London based hair extensions expert Inanch Emir and African-type hair specialists Michelle Thompson of the Francesco Group and Hector Obeng, the tutorials cover a range of techniques to attach hair. Tutorials from Aveda’s Bruno Elorrioroz also demonstrate how to colour hair extensions prior to application to the hair. The tutorials cover a wide range of techniques to attach hair, including taped weft, hot and cold applications, weaving and plaiting, clip on wefts, pre-bonded attachments and micro ring attachments. Also included is essential advice from Inanch Emir on hair extensions aftercare.

14 training videos

How to add glue in hair extensions or wefts

How To Add Glue-in Hair Extensions

11 minutes

Callam Warrington’s hair extensions tutorial showcases a simple technique to apply a classic weft use glue-in hair extensions

Plaited Hair Extensions

Plaited Hair Extensions

30 minutes

Hector Obeng’s tutorial demonstrates an application of plaited-in synthetic hair extensions, without the use of glue, wax, adhesives, clips or bonding agents.

How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions Video Tutorial

9 minutes

Inanch Emir outlines the six essential aftercare guidelines as part of a salon service for hair extensions in this exclusive hairdressing training video.

Braiding afro hair tutorial

Vertical Braid Part 1

70 minutes

In part 1 of her hair extensions tutorial Michelle Thompson demonstrates a vertical base braid which supports a curved natural medium length weave on Afro Caribbean hair.

Short haircut with extensions by Michelle Thompson

Vertical Braid & Short Weave Part 2

34 minutes

Michelle Thompson finishes her vertical braid and weave preparation on Afro Caribbean hair in part 2 of her hair extensions tutorial.