Classic Blonde Hair Colour Videos

6 training videos

How To Do A Basic Blonde Root Tint Application

4 minutes

Bee Dixon’s basic colouring technique is a pure basic root tint application using an ash blonde based high lift tint.

How To Do A Basic Light Tint Application

20 minutes

Charmaine Piche's colouring tutorial is a basic light root tint application for brilliant cool summer blonde tones.

How To Do A Two Tone Blonde Colour Application

24 minutes

Charmaine Piche demonstrates a two-tone blonde application with highlights. This tutorial features pointers on sectioning, colour choice and highlight placement.

Virgin Hair Colour Application

19 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial is a pure and methodical way to correctly apply an all over tint to virgin hair.

How To Add Classic Blonde Tones

20 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colour technique adds a fusion of subtle natural blonde tones to compliment and define a bi-level shape