Advanced Long Total Look Hairstyles

4 training videos

The Gherkin - Long Commercial Haircut

9 minutes

Lee Stafford’s long haircut is brilliant for women with long hair in the salon who want something different, but don't want any length lost.

The Gherkin - Blonde, caramel and and brown tones

6 minutes

Bee Dixon’s salon creative colour tutorial embraces the texture of the hair and enhances the disconnecting lengths of the cut with a soft caramel, broken up by a dark rich brown on blonde hair.

The Channel Haircut for Natural Curl

18 minutes

Lee Stafford’s haircutting video is The Channel, an amazing technique for curly hair.

The Channel Autumnal Colouring Tutorial

29 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s hair colouring tutorial showcases a simple and effective colour placement of autumn colours on brunette hair