Bruno Elorrioroz

Bruno Elorrioroz

Learn how to colour hair with Aveda's Colour Director Bruno Elorrioroz. Watch his online hairdressing video tutorials on MHD.


Bruno Elorrioroz

Aveda’s Artistic Director and educator in London, Paris-born Bruno has spent 30 years in hairdressing, starting with L’Oreal and Carita, before working as a session colourist. He moved to London to join Aveda and spent years working closely with Antoinette Beenders representing the company at shows and presentations around the world and contributing to Aveda’s many collections. He spends much of his time on the set of editorial shoots for many magazines and bringing his colour vision to haircuts from some of the greatest editorial and session stylists. Bruno continues to teach at the Aveda Institute and likes to spend time on the salon floor, staying ahead of trends and maintaining his understanding of the challenges faced by colourists in the commercial environment.

training videos by Bruno Elorrioroz

Pearl Blonde Ombre Hair Colour Tutorial

31 minutesCategory: Balayage, Ombre and Dip-Dye Tutorials

Bruno Elorrioroz’s colouring tutorial starts with a process to unify the model’s overall previously bleached hair.

How To Do a Multidimensional Melted Balayage

31 minutesCategory: Balayage, Ombre and Dip-Dye Tutorials

Bruno Elorrioroz’s hair colouring tutorial is a multidimensional melted balayage technique, with essential advice on colour range, triangular placement and saturation.

Hair Colour Correction With Red Orange Tones

26 minutesCategory: Hair Colour Correction Tutorial Videos

Bruno Elorrioroz’s hair colouring tutorial begins by removing all-over colour using back to back sections before applying a deep red orange all-over base colour.
The final result is a dark blonde with a rich red/orange tone to perfectly complement Charlotte's skin tone and eye colour.

Ombre Hair Variation

18 minutesCategory: Balayage, Ombre and Dip-Dye Tutorials

Bruno Elorrioroz’s colouring tutorial is a variation of the popular ombre technique using a soft blend of colours.

Panel Colouring Dark Roots to Warm Tones

19 minutesCategory: Brunette Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Bruno Elorrioroz's panel colouring technique uses a multi-level sectioning pattern, with three colours working from roots to ends, gradually going lighter by melting deep, rich colours to complement the natural colour of the hair, adding a deep aubergine, moving to a dark brown with red and violet and finishing with a golden, rich brown.

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