Pearl Blonde Ombre Hair Colour Variation Tutorial Video
With Bruno Elorrioroz
Duration31 minutes
Skill levelIntermediate
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Bruno Elorrioroz's salon creative colouring tutorial starts with a process to unify the model’s overall previously bleached hair. Bruno uses a natural light blonde using a basic application with a very natural champagne beige pearl blonde. He adds weaved low lights around the perimeter and beneath the fringe to create texture. The foil placement follows the pattern of a 1920s Marcel wave to create a cascading texture and adds a cooler feel to the pink and creamy blonde tones. On the top he applies a semi permanent colour to the roots / regrowth, between foils on one side of the section. This brings depth but avoids the heavy fake roots look, giving a soft but deeper transparency to the root area combined with a natural champagne beige and pearl blonde glow to the ends. The result is fresh, girly and fun.

Members can also fin below our step by step guide to do this pearl blonde ombre hair colour variation.

Technical skills

  • Barrier Cream
  • Bleaching / Lightener
  • Colour Placement Sectioning
  • Correcting Highlights and Lowlights
  • Foil Patterns
  • Foil Placement
  • Mid-length to Ends Application
  • Roots / Regrowth Lightener
  • Roots / Regrowth to Ends Application
  • Semi-permanent Colour
  • Weaving Technique


Contributor: Bruno Elorrioroz
Model: Hayley
Make-Up Artist: Clayre Sodeau
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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