Avant-Garde Styling & Dressing

10 training videos

Deceptive Beauty Hairstyle - Part 1

24 minutes

Hester Wernert-Rijn’s avant-garde tutorial forms the base for her avant-garde look. These simple foundation techniques are often the basis for creative session and fashion work

Deceptive Beauty Hairstyle - Part 2

38 minutes

Hester Werner-Rijn completes her avant-garde tutorial with a fusion of techniques and colour inspired by natural, organic forms to create a fantasy hair look

How To Do A Crimped Structure Editorial Hairstyle

29 minutes

Callam Warrington’s avant-garde editorial tutorial is a towering flame with a strong editorial look that's also perfect for shows and catwalks, built with a crimped structure.

How To Do A Reverse Horizontal Roll Updo

9 minutes

Snowden Hill's tutorial is an elegant reverse roll, with a hint of retro nodding to the '40s and '70s. This shape is structurally elegant with a smooth, classic silhouette.

How To Do A Spherical Shape Hairstyle

23 minutes

Ilham Mestour’s tutorial is a classic form reinvented for a modern palette. It is a simple technique but relies on high levels of methodology, cleanliness and refinement.