Creative Mid-length Hairstyle Tutorials

6 training videos

The Metta Mid-Length Haircut

29 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s creative mode-length haircut is salon friendly yet infused with creative twists for a bold statement.

The Shine Line

28 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial creates a shine line or halo of colour across the fringe area, working in with the layers of the haircut.

The Valentina Mid-Length Layer Haircut

18 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircutting tutorial demonstrates a pure and simple mid-length layered commercial shape.

The Valentina Hidden Colour Tutorial

12 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colour tutorial is inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's hidden touches of colour, set against a backdrop of deep forest brown and caramel

'The T' - Creative Mid-length Haircut

9 minutes

Lee Stafford’s mid-length haircut is a really commercial, wearable but edgy shape called ‘The T’