Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford

Learn how to cut hair with one of the UK's most popular and well known hairdressers, Lee Stafford. These online hairdressing video tutorials from Lee are only available to MHD subscribers.


Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford has a reputation for producing beautiful commercial work. His down-to-earth approach and global experience give him a unique perspective and an even more unique flair. He has a total understanding of the type of hairdressing training needed to keep stylists involved in their work and clients in love with their hairdresser. From humble beginnings cutting hair in his mother’s kitchen in Essex to opening a string of Lee Stafford Education academies and multiple appearances on TV, Lee is one of the most widely recognized hairdressers in the UK and even has his own product and electrical range. Lee has a host of celebrity clients and has won many of the UK’s top hairdressing awards. Visit his website here

training videos by Lee Stafford

How To Do The Flip Chop Haircut Tutorial

10 minutesCategory: Creative Total Look Tutorial Videos

Lee Stafford’s creative haircut for long hair, the Flip Chop is a simple, long, soft and sellable look for the salon.

The Gherkin - Long Commercial Haircut

9 minutesCategory: Women's Long Layered Haircut Tutorials

Lee Stafford’s long haircut is brilliant for women with long hair in the salon who want something different, but don't want any length lost.

The Grand - Long Commercial Haircut Tutorial

23 minutesCategory: Creative Total Look Tutorial Videos

Lee Stafford presents the haircut that won him entry into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive haircut in the world.

Zig Zag Mid-Length Layering Tutorial

24 minutesCategory: Advanced Total Look Tutorial Videos

Lee Stafford’s mid-length haircut features juxtaposed short and long layers

How To Cut The Horn Hairstyle Video Tutorial

28 minutesCategory: Creative Total Look Tutorial Videos

Lee Stafford’s women's short hairstyle is a tri-level shape solid on the outline, with round and square internal layers.

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