Creative Short Graduation Hairstyles

14 training videos

Flat Graduation With Disconnection On Afro Caribbean Hair

28 minutes

Tim Hartley's a demonstrates flat graduation with disconnection haircut, featuring pointers on blending natural and relaxed textures, weight lines, maximising internal lengths and creating even short graduation

Learn How To Tint Afro Caribbean Hair Tutorial

27 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s hair colouring video tutorial demonstrates a virgin tint application on type 4 African hair.

How To Do A Short Graduation Haircut

51 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircutting tutorial teaches a versatile foundation technique with a basic but modern shape.

How To Do A Basic Colour and Foil Placement

15 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring technique uses a convertible, calculated mix of two tones purple shades against a dark palette.

How to Cut a Firefly Abstraction Haircut for Short Hair Tutorial

27 minutes

Tim Hartley's haircut is a shorter interpretation of the classic firefly abstraction, with a defining bowed fringe.