Creative Short Layer Total Looks

10 training videos

How To Cut The Horn Hairstyle Video Tutorial

28 minutes

Lee Stafford’s women's short hairstyle is a tri-level shape solid on the outline, with round and square internal layers.

How To Add Classic Blonde Tones

20 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colour technique adds a fusion of subtle natural blonde tones to compliment and define a bi-level shape

How To Do A Concave Triangular Layered Haircut

23 minutes

In Bastian Casaretto’s tutorial he demonstrates a concave triangular layering technique featuring essential information on reducing weight, over-direction and pivoting sections.

How To Do A Herringbone Block Colouring Variation

18 minutes

Claus Hagenhoff’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a Herringbone Block Colouring Variation. Within the video Claus provides valuable pointers on sectioning, close levels and contrasting tones. The final result is divergent shades of mahogany and violet browns for a two tone outcome with a subtle interplay to create space and texture in the haircut.

How To Cut A Uniform Layer With Pivoting Sections Tutorial

45 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s women's short haircut tutorial demonstrates a simple method of working with over-direction