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Full Head Tint With Triangular Foil Placement On Fringe

With Bee Dixon
Duration28 minutes
Skill levelIntermediate


Bee Dixon's colouring tutorial demonstrates a technique with a rich red on a base of a Level 6 and with foil placement through the fringe to give depth and texture. The result is rich, dark red lowlights, which perfectly compliment the skin tone and swing of weight through the interior of the haircut by Stacey Broughton.

Within the video, Bee demonstrates techniques including colour placement sectioning, foil sectioning, regrowth to ends application and weaving technique.

Watch Stacey Broughton’s short round graduated haircut tutorial here.

Members can also download our step by step PDF guide to this hair colouring video tutorial.

Technical skills

  • Colour placement sectioning
  • Roots / regrowth to ends application
  • Weaving technique


Contributor: Bee Dixon
Model: Mary
Make-Up Artist: Clayre Sodeau
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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