Short Round Graduation
With Stacey Broughton, Mary, Clayre Sodeau and Jamie Harrison
Duration34 minutes
Skill levelBeginner
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Stacey Broughton’s haircut tutorial demonstrates an excellent grounding technique, full of discipline and control, producing clever soft curves worthy of any salon floor. The result is a sleek, round graduation with a square take in the front creating a heavy, exotic, seductive frame with even axial swing through the top.

Technical skills

  • Blow Drying
  • Blunt Cutting
  • Freehand
  • Graduation
  • Over-Direction
  • Point Cutting
  • Round Graduation
  • Scissors-Over-Comb
  • Short Graduation
  • Texturising


Contributor: Stacey Broughton
Model: Mary
Make-Up Artist: Clayre Sodeau
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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Short Round Graduation

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