Bee Dixon

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Bee Dixon

As a former art student, colourist Bee applies her artistic flair and knowledge to everyday hair. Bee has worked with Lee Stafford, and has acquired a diverse experience through working both on the shop floor, delivering salon-friendly techniques, and on shoots, incorporating hair makeovers for some of the leading magazines and hair shows. Recognised by the international brand Redken, Bee’s talents have seen her grace the stages as an educator all around the UK and Ireland and at it's annual show “Tribe”.  Bee always ensures that her trendy clientele look sharp and up to date with an edgy, creative vibe to her work. Bee chooses to use bold pigment tones, pure tones and crazy colours. Her work therefore translates well to seminars and shows alike, dazzling crowds with her innovation and expertise.

training videos by Bee Dixon

Half Head Of Foils Application

How To Do A Half Head Of Foils Application

9 minutesCategory: Men's Hair Colouring Technique Videos

Bee Dixon’s men’s colour is a rooty, sun kissed look using half a head of slices

Semi-Permanent Colouring Hairdressing Tutorial

Basic Semi-Permanent Colouring Tutorial

16 minutesCategory: Basic Hair Colouring Tutorial Videos

Bee Dixon’s tutorial is the perfect introduction to colouring hair, with guidance to apply semi-permanent colour.

All over black tint application hairdressing tutorial

How To Do A Basic Dark Root Tint Application

4 minutesCategory: Basic Hair Colouring Tutorial Videos

Bee Dixon’s colour tutorial is an all-over black tint application working from the crown to the nape.

Pure Golden Tones Hair

How To Do A Pure Golden Tones Hair Colour

13 minutesCategory: Blonde Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial emphasises the natural blend of tone and depth, working with fine triangles, pivoting sections from the crown in foil.

Triangle Colour Section Tutorial

Triangle Colour Section

16 minutesCategory: Brunette Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial is designed to teach understanding of complementary hues and reflect skin tones.