Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee

Learn how to colour hair with Stephanie Lee's online hairdressing videos.


Stephanie Lee

Outgoing Stephanie has been a stylist since 1997. Stephanie has been a loyal member of the Gregory Dean team in Essex since the day the salon opened in 2011, following her time at Stafford’s at the Leigh and Soho branches working with Lee Stafford, Steve Turner and Stacey Broughton. She gained a colour specialist degree from Redken, and went on to teach colouring in the UK and Ireland alongside Lee Stafford. Steph has worked on the hair teams for various magazines, newspapers and fashion shows, including Elle, Grazia, The Sunday Times, Agent Provocateur and the London 2012 Olympics where she was the assistant manager of the Athletes Village hair salon. Steph is also an Extension Specialist.

training videos by Stephanie Lee

Zig Zag Two-Tone Colouring Tutorial

23 minutesCategory: Brunette Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Stephanie Lee’s colouring tutorial enhances the corners and curves within Lee Stafford’s Zig Zag haircut.

The Townhouse Caramel Blonde Hair Colours

29 minutesCategory: Blonde Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Stephanie Lee’s colour tutorial showcases a technique using colour sectioning and placement to produce a fusion of complimentary caramel blondes.

How To Do A Full Head Black Tint Application

26 minutesCategory: Redhead Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Stephanie Lee’s colouring tutorial is an essential tinting technique to enhance texture with a full head black tint application.