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Steve Turner

Steve Turner began his career in hairdressing at the age of just 15, working in a salon at weekends and evenings after school. By the time he was 19, he was a qualified stylist and had worked on a number of magazine photoshoots, including a shoot in Miami with British Fashion Photographer of the Year Eamonn McCabe. He bought his first salon at the age of 21 and having trained his team to look after and run the business, he went travelling around the world cutting and teaching on the way. Steve has worked on a number of television shows over the years, including the UK’s This Morning, The Hairdresser 1 and 2, Celebrity Scissor Hands, and this year featured in the hit American series Split Ends. Steve is committed to training and runs regular training sessions across the UK, the Middle East, South Africa and more recently was the first educator to deliver hairdressing training in Iraq since the war. He recently opened a new salon, 6 in Essex, UK.

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One Length Haircut Tutorial Video

13 minutesCategory: One Length Haircut Tutorials

Steve Turner’s long hair cutting tutorial demonstrates a classical one-length haircut.

Square Layer With Disconnection Guided Haircut Tutorial

34 minutesCategory: Advanced Total Look Tutorial Videos

How to cut men's hair video - Steve Turner’s haircutting tutorial is a square layer with disconnection and features tips on weight distribution and over-direction

Asymmetrical Short Graduation Haircut Tutorial

27 minutesCategory: Graduated Bob Haircut Tutorials

Steve Turner’s haircut tutorial provides a solid foundation that is neat, versatile and quick.

Uniform Layer Haircut Tutorial Video

25 minutesCategory: Women's Short Layered Haircut Tutorials

Steve Turner’s haircutting tutorial demonstrates arguably the most essential technique in the book - the uniform layer haircut.

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