Men's Hair Cutting Tutorial Videos

With more men’s hair cutting tutorials than any other site, MHD is the perfect one stop shop to learn how to cut men’s hair. MHD has a wide range of men’s haircuts to learn, from traditional short back and sides, to fades and edgier haircuts such as flat tops, quiffs and rock styles to pattern cutting. Our men’s hairdressing tutorials are taught by some of the biggest and most respected hairdressers and barbers working today and provide techniques and inspiration that you can apply to your clients in your salon or barbershop. MHD has men’s hairstyles to suit every ability, from basic layer and graduated haircuts to more advanced combinations for the more adventurous clients. Every video provides tips and guidance to further enhance the haircut for personalisation and suitability, so you can provide your clients with a tailored bespoke hairstyle that suits their individual look and personality.

35 training videos

Men's Mid Length Layer

34 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s men’s haircut is a Jim Morrison inspired rock 'n' roll style

Short, Textured Crop Hairstyle With Long Fringe

39 minutes

Stephane Gallien’s tutorial demonstrates a textured short crop, featuring tips and advice on corner placement, tapering, blending, hairline control and texturising

Men's Short Flat Graduation Haircut

37 minutes

Stacey Broughton's men’s haircut tutorial features a flat short graduated shape incorporating basic barbering techniques.

Graduated Step Haircut

30 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s men’s haircutting tutorial is a modern and up-to-date version of the step cut.

26 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins demonstrates the fundamental rules required to create a perfect clipper guard crop, an essential skill for all barbers.