Men's Haircutting Training Videos

35 training videos

36 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut works with a classic square layered shape from the back using over-direction to create corners at the round of the head behind the ears.

Short Back and Sides Tutorial

26 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a traditional short, back and sides look reminiscent of the 1950’s Ivy League prep school fashion and crew cut.

37 minutes

Jay Mahmood demonstrates a classic men’s haircut featuring flat graduation and a parting.

The final result is a quintessential flat graduated shape with a defined side parting. This is an interpretation of a classic look on very lively hair. The clean methodical process, which establishes a quick basic shape provides freedom to freehand and refine the difficult areas in the hair.

Gentleman's Haircut Tutorial

24 minutes

Ivan Rodrigues of New York Barbershop demonstrates a gentlemen’s haircut featuring pointers on low graduation, round layering, thinning shears, razor thinning and disconnection

46 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' tutorial is a men's basic/uniform layer with a tailored fringe to achieve a versatile, masculine look.