Classic Barbering Haircut Tutorials

13 training videos

Short Back And Sides Haircut Video Tutorial

26 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a traditional short, back and sides look reminiscent of the 1950’s Ivy League prep school fashion and crew cut.

How To Cut A Suedehead / Scissor Over Comb Tutorial

15 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a classic Suedehead; essentially a long crop - formal, cool and edgy with overtones of 1970s UK popular culture.

How To Cut A Clipper Guard Crop Hairstyle

26 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins demonstrates the fundamental rules required to create a perfect clipper guard crop, an essential skill for all barbers.

How To Do A Freehand Crop Haircut

33 minutes

Sarah Astley’s men's haircut is a slim line textured crop with a blend from hair to skin - a refined gradient in celebration of organic movement and natural structure.

Gentleman's Haircut Tutorial Video

24 minutes

Ivan Rodrigues of New York Barbershop demonstrates a gentlemen’s haircut featuring pointers on low graduation, round layering, thinning shears, razor thinning and disconnection