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How To Do A Freehand Crop Haircut

With Sarah Astley
Duration33 minutes
Skill levelAdvanced
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Sarah Astley's haircut is a freehand crop that starts in the crown area to initially establish the freehand guideline shape in the top using the points of the blades with a downward motion around the crown following the circular growth pattern. Next, work the side areas from back to front using a scissor over comb technique and a guide from the top area. Having established the internal shape work a freehand crop technique to refine and blend the top with the sides facilitating a gradual gradient of colour, then refine the neck hair line using clippers and freehand techniques to achieve a soft blend. The result is a slim line textured crop with a blend from hair to skin - a refined gradient in celebration of organic movement and natural structure.

Members can also find below a detailed step by step guide to a freehand crop haircut.

Technical skills

  • Barbering
  • Body Position
  • Comb Techniques
  • Finger Position
  • Freehand
  • Point Cutting
  • Scissors-Over-Comb
  • Shading


Contributor: Sarah Astley
Model: Dan
Make-Up Artist: N/A
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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