Patterns and Design

5 training videos

How to Cut a Basic Pattern in Hair

13 minutes

MK’s barbering tutorial demonstrates a basic pattern featuring pointers on blade control and stability, clippers handling and blade direction, bone structure, outlines and detailing.

Creating Patterns: Straight Lines

24 minutes

Looking for ways to wow clients with your barbering skills? Then take this MK tutorial for your introduction to creating patterns in the head: how to place a straight line and a repeated line.

Creating Patterns: Repeated Pattern

29 minutes

Explore how to apply a repeated design to a head shape in this MK tutorial. You’ll create a series of curved lines, embellished with flicks, circles and shading.

Creating Patterns: 3d Pictorial Pattern

33 minutes

Perspective. Perception. Proportion. Let your artistic talent run riot as MK shows you how to create a 3D pictorial design in this intermediate tutorial.

Design and Create Patterns in Hair

16 minutes

MK’s tutorial explains and demonstrates how to create a pattern in the hair. The tutorial shows how to create an initial outline, then how to fill out the design with a variety of techniques to create shading, texture and perspective. The tutorial also explains what tools you would need and how to use the tools to create your design.