Advanced Fashion Colouring Tutorials

8 training videos

How To Do A Steel And Pastel Pigment Hair Colour

23 minutes

Andreas Kurkowitz's colouring tutorial uses a base of cyclamen and a combination of silver, grey and eau de nil panels to accentuate the internal shape of the haircut.

Pure Tone Hair Colour Tutorial

13 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial incorporates a quintessentially classic technique with a progressive edge, with a pure tone.

How To Do A Three Tier Hair Colouring

21 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial is a three tier colour application following the graduation of Tim Hartley's Firefly Abstraction haircut.

Spinning Wheel Colour

27 minutes

Louise Reeves' salon tutorial is a circular technique producing a rich base of plum violet with a circular band of reflective, cool aqueous tones providing dappled overtones and defining movement.

Colour Placement Technique

33 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colouring tutorial uses cleverly executed placement of colour to exaggerate and emphasise different elements of the haircut.