Lecture on the underlying bone structure of the face

With Melissa Bourne
Duration2 minutes
Skill levelFoundation


Familiarize yourself with the underlying bone structure of the face in this foundation MHD tutorial. You will explore some of the functions of the bone structures and how this knowledge applies to the hair and beauty industry with make-up artist Melissa Bourne.

Members can also download our Basic Bone Structure of the Face fact sheet.

Technical skills

  • Frontal bone
  • Mandible
  • Mastoid process
  • Maxilla
  • Nasal bone
  • Occipital bone
  • Parietal bone
  • Sphenoid bone
  • Temporal bone
  • Vomer bone
  • Zygomatic bone


Contributor: Melissa Bourne
Model: Grace Read-Carter
Make-Up Artist: Melissa Bourne
Photographer: Andrew Gilbert

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