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How To Cut A Smart Skater Boy Haircut

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a masterclass in barbering techniques that teaches the control of graduation.

How To Do A Combination Of One Length, Graduation & Layering

Alexander Dinter demonstrates a creative haircut featuring a combination of one length, graduation and layering with advice on hair quality, choice of technique, positioning of layering, methodology and suitability

How To Cut A Flat Graduation With Disconnection Haircut

Gary Woo’s man’s haircut tutorial is a flat graduated shape with disconnection. The video contains pointers on masculine head shapes, finger angle, over-comb techniques and a tapered outline.

How To Cut The Horn Hairstyle Video Tutorial

Lee Stafford’s women's short hairstyle is a tri-level shape solid on the outline, with round and square internal layers.

How To Do A Three Tier Hair Colouring

Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial is a three tier colour application following the graduation of Tim Hartley's Firefly Abstraction haircut.

How To Do A Gradient Hair Colour

Charmaine Piche’s tutorial guides you through a graduated colour technique using back to back slices to create a gradient of colour from dark to light.

How To Do A 5-Point Haircut Video Guide

Stacey Broughton's haircut is his tribute to Vidal Sassoon and an interpretation of the iconic 5-point haircut.

Disconnected Layered Bob Tutorial Video

Michael Cohen’s hairdressing tutorial demonstrates a disconnected layered bob haircut and provides pointers on one length, graduation, and disconnection.

How to Cut a Firefly Abstraction Haircut for Short Hair Tutorial

Tim Hartley's haircut is a shorter interpretation of the classic firefly abstraction, with a defining bowed fringe.

The Widget Reversible Short Haircut

Lee Stafford’s women's short haircut is a reversible shape for multiple occasions