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Flat Graduation With Disconnection On Afro Caribbean Hair

Tim Hartley's a demonstrates flat graduation with disconnection haircut, featuring pointers on blending natural and relaxed textures, weight lines, maximising internal lengths and creating even short graduation

Graduated Stepped Bob Haircut Tutorial

Stacey Broughton’s haircut revisits his Vidal Sassoon heritage to bring you the graduated stepped bob, inspired by the box bob.

Reverse Long Graduated Haircut

Mark Smith demonstrates a reverse long graduated haircut. This is a simple layered look - commercial, accessible and youthful in essence.

How To Do Graduated Blow-Dried Shapes

Stacey Broughton's tutorial guides you through a graduated blow-dry. This tutorial teaches the fundamentals for any graduated shape blow-dry and builds a strong productive technique for your career.

How To Do A Bob With Undercut

Jazz Fosker’s bob with undercut video tutorial features pointers on flat graduation, vertical sectioning, over-direction to maintain length and weight and disconnection.

Step By Step Guide To Men's Flat Graduation Haircut Video

Tim Hartley’s men's haircutting tutorial is a flat graduated shape with a tight hairline and strong fringe. Tim provides essential pointers on the positioning of a graduated guide, over-direction, blending, tapering and working suitably with growth patterns.

How To Do A Graduated Layered Three Shape Combination Tutorial

Bastian Casaretto's haircut is a salon friendly graduated shape which places the graduation through the back first allowing the freedom to choose the shape through the sides accordingly and give more versatility to the positioning of shapes throughout the head.

Graduated Step Haircut Tutorial

Stacey Broughton’s men’s haircutting tutorial is a modern and up-to-date version of the step cut.

The Graduate - Multi-tonal Colour

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colouring tutorial incorporates a panelled block tint with a pre-lightened V-section of vivid magenta colour with a vibrant copper base colour to enhance and excite curls.

How To Do The Modern Firefly Haircut

Stacey Broughton’s classic haircut tutorial teaches a modern version of this pure graduated shape