How To Do Graduated Blow-Dried Shapes
With Stacey Broughton, Head Block and Jamie Harrison
Duration14 minutes
Skill levelBeginner
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Stacey Broughton's tutorial guides you through a graduated blow-dry. Graduation is the build up of weight within a shape and is generally shorter on the perimeter. Graduation enhances head shape and facilitates movement in the hair. With any graduated shape, it is important to ensure a correct drying procedure, from the perimeter up, to support the internal shape and to facilitate your finished check off.

This tutorial teaches the fundamentals for any graduated shape blow-dry and builds a strong productive technique for your career.

Members can also find below a guide that covers the whole process of doing graduated blow-dried shapes.

Technical skills

  • Blow Drying
  • Brush Use
  • Creating Movement
  • Flat Brush
  • Hand Positioning
  • Smoothing


Contributor: Stacey Broughton
Model: Head Block
Make-Up Artist: N/A
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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