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Men's Basic Root Tint Application

Christiano Lanza’s hair colouring tutorial shows how to apply a basic root tint on hair that has very short side areas with length through the top.

Pastel Denim Blue Shadow Outline Hair Colouring

Andrea Bennett’s tutorial demonstrates a creative shadow outline application featuring zig-zagged slices, colour choice and diffusion

How To Add Glue-in Hair Extensions

Callam Warrington’s hair extensions tutorial showcases a simple technique to apply a classic weft use glue-in hair extensions

The Shake Haircut

Graham Oglesby's haircut a high status fashion classic - chic , sultry and confident in nature this versatile layered look is low maintenance and timeless.

How To Cut A Clipper Guard Crop Hairstyle

Dale Ted Watkins demonstrates the fundamental rules required to create a perfect clipper guard crop, an essential skill for all barbers.

Scissors and Clippers-Over-Comb Part 1

Dale Ted Watkins presents part one of a two part lecture featuring scissors and clippers-over-comb techniques. This video also features contributions from Stelios Chondros and Chris Foster.

Video tutorial on how to wind a hopscotch perm

Familiarize yourself with how to wind a hopscotch perm in our intermediate MHD perming tutorial with freelance technical educator and salon owner Charmaine Piche.

How To Cut An A-Line Disconnected Haircut

Alexander Dinter's haircut tutorial is a long A-line shape with a disconnected front area.

How To Do An Advanced Freehand Haircut Tutorial

Stacey Broughton's haircut is a freehand cut with a technical approach. The final result is a blend of extreme dimension and geometry with a soft veil of longer lengths for an advanced salon look.

Halo Haircut Tutorial

Stacey Broughton’s classic haircut is a suitable, balanced, rounded shape, which embraces texture and colour.