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Long Disconnection

Dove Palmer of Mazella&Palmer’s haircut is a long disconnected shape combining undercutting and layering.

How To Do A Long Loose Safety Razor Shape Haircut

Manfred Knol’s haircutting tutorial features a long safety razor cut, and includes invaluable pointers on sectioning, hand positioning, layering and razor angle

The Gherkin - Long Commercial Haircut

Lee Stafford’s long haircut is brilliant for women with long hair in the salon who want something different, but don't want any length lost.

How to do a mid-length layered haircut

Stacey Broughton’s layered haircut tutorial is a soft, chic, mid-length shape with the focus firmly on elevation and over-direction.

Flat Triangular Layered Haircut With A Fringe Tutorial

Mazella&Palmer's haircut is a flat triangular layered shape with a fringe. The sectioning is simple to use on any texture or length, but it's the judgement of shape and angle for suitability which is key.

How To Apply A Backwash Grey Toner To Men's Hair

Christiano Lanza’s tutorial demonstrates a men’s grey tone at the backwash using a quick application technique and a clear explanation of colour choice and suitability.

How to cut The Orange haircut tutorial

Lee Stafford’s creative haircut is feminine and free–spirited with a soft, light-as-air feeling to the shape.

Interlocking Pastel Shades Tutorial

Andrea Bennett's tutorial is a fusion of soft tones from a pastel colour palette of strawberry, apricot, lavender and peach.

Modern Red Bob Using Cross Checking Colours Tutorial

Christiano Lanza demonstrates a colouring technique incorporating three levels of colour with a panel through the sides inspired by the eyebrow line.

How To Do The Flip Chop Haircut Tutorial

Lee Stafford’s creative haircut for long hair, the Flip Chop is a simple, long, soft and sellable look for the salon.