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Tracy Hayes

Learn how to colour women's hair with these online hairdressing tutorials and lectures from hairdressing industry icon Tracy Hayes, exclusively on MHD.


Tracy Hayes

Tracy Hayes is the Global Head of Technical Training for Fudge Professional and works to merge world class colouring techniques with a sharp, fashion edge. Tracy’s main role at Fudge Professional is to build awareness around the iconic Fudge Professional Headpaint Colour Range with her unique colour knowledge and esteemed reputation, and since joining the brand has also worked on the improvement and re-launch of the popular Fudge Professional Paintbox range which was met with huge acclaim. Further responsibilities include taking the stage at shows where she works with brand ambassadors London School of Barbering and Mazella & Palmer to inspire hair professionals. Tracy judges the colour technician category at The British Hair Awards every year, and supports London Collections Men every season working closely with esteemed designers such as Katie Eary and Sibling, exercising her technical prowess by colouring anything from wefts to wigs, ensuring they work seamlessly with each bespoke collection. Tracy Hayes has an impressive hairdressing background. During her many years with Vidal Sassoon as UK Creative Colour Director, Tracy was responsible for coaching and mentoring the internationally renowned Sassoon colour teams, many of whom have gone on to be world class colourists in their own right. Tracy played a key role in the development and delivery of the world famous Sassoon collections and while based at the Sassoon Advanced Academy in London became one of the leading talents at this legendary company. Her talent for creating key, contemporary colour looks also sees Tracy travelling the world, where her professional expertise and engaging personality means that she is in constant demand to appear at the world’s most prestigious hair shows. Her workdays range from creating bespoke looks on an exclusive clientele to educating in international academies in key fashion cities. One day she may be shooting hair collections and working on editorial shoots with consumer magazines, another collaborating with top international session stylists, artists and designers.

training videos by Tracy Hayes

Colour Theory - Colour Choice

7 minutesCategory: Hairdressing & Barbering Classes

In this lecture Tracy Hayes covers the basics of colour choice based on skin tone and eye colour.

The Valentina Hidden Colour Tutorial

12 minutesCategory: Brunette Hair Colour Tutorial Videos

Tracy Hayes' colour tutorial is inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's hidden touches of colour, set against a backdrop of deep forest brown and caramel

Colour Correction 3 - Lightening Dark Hair Colour

18 minutesCategory: Hair Colour Correction Tutorial Videos

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial tackles a common colour correction problem - heavily tinted black on hair with a very small re-growth.

How To Do A Brickwork Perm Wind

11 minutesCategory: Perming and Relaxing Hair

Tracy Hayes head block styling tutorial covers the basic brickwork perm wind

Reflecting Colour

32 minutesCategory: Highlights and Lowlights Tutorials

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colour tutorial is inspired by artist James Turrell.

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