Sarah Astley

Sarah Astley

Learn how to cut men's haircuts with Real Hair's Sarah Astley. Sarah men's haircuts training videos are only available on MHD.


Sarah Astley

Sarah Astley began her career at Art School with an ambition to be a designer, painter or architect before discovering a love of hairdressing at the age of 19. She undertook a nine-month private course at Vidal Sassoon in London and upon graduating she underwent barber training at London's revered Brooke St barbershop. Sarah continued to work at several Sassoon salons over the next 20 years, including teaching in the Academies, where she has trained many of the most notable barbers of recent years, including Dale Ted Watkins.  Sarah continues to cut men's hair in the prestigious Realhair salon in Chelsea where her precision and attention to detail maintains a loyal following of high profile clients. 

training videos by Sarah Astley

How To Do A Freehand Crop Haircut

33 minutesCategory: Advanced Training Videos

Sarah Astley’s men's haircut is a slim line textured crop with a blend from hair to skin - a refined gradient in celebration of organic movement and natural structure.

How To Cut A Men's Flat Graduated Pompadour With A Parting

35 minutesCategory: Intermediate Training Videos

Sarah Astley's men's haircut tutorial is a classic men's taliare, reminiscent of the iconic matinee idol.