Dale Ted Watkins

Dale Ted Watkins

Learn traditional men's haircuts with Dale Ted Watkins of City Boy. Watch these men's haircut how to videos only on MHD.


Dale Ted Watkins

After training and working at Vidal Sassoon as a women’s hairdresser, Dale felt men's haircuts were his passion and he has continued to take this passion through stints in London salons such as Refinery and Adams of London and with clients such as Sasha Baron Cohen and Guy Ritchie. Dale’s technical ability and knowledge of traditional barbering techniques puts his education company City Boy at the forefront of men’s hairdressing education and he is constantly in demand as a session stylist. He works closely with photographer Dean Chalkley on editorial and advertising work. Men’s barbering and hairdressing is undergoing a massive resurgence back to old-fashioned values and Dale’s bespoke approach to men’s haircuts and styles reflect traditional male notions of grooming, masculinity and style. 

training videos by Dale Ted Watkins

How To Do A Short Clipper Flat Top Haircut

28 minutesCategory: Classic Total Look Videos

Dale Ted Watkins’ men’s haircut is the second of his two flat tops. This a short version executed with clipper-over-comb techniques.

How To Cut A Smart Skater Boy Haircut

30 minutesCategory: Classic Total Look Videos

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a masterclass in barbering techniques that teaches the control of graduation.

Step By Step Guide To Flat Top Haircut Video

26 minutesCategory: Intermediate Training Videos

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a long technical flat top through the fingers, which is further refined with a clipper-over-comb technique.

Scissors and Clippers-Over-Comb Part 2

11 minutesCategory: Foundation Training Videos

Dale Ted Watkins presents part two of a two part lecture featuring scissors and clippers-over-comb techniques. This video also features contributions from Stelios Chondros and Chris Foster.

Straightening and smoothing men's hair step-by-step

10 minutesCategory: Blow Dry Tutorial Videos

Learn how to straighten and smooth men's hair with the appropriate products and equipment in this foundation MHD blow-drying tutorial.

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