Uniform Layer Haircut Tutorials

4 training videos

How to Cut a Uniform Layer Haircut on a Training Head

37 minutes

Stacey Broughton's haircut is a classic uniform layer. This technique teaches you how to follow the head shape and create a shape with no over-direction, as everything is pulled to 90 degrees from the head.

Uniform Layer Haircut Tutorial Video

25 minutes

Steve Turner’s haircutting tutorial demonstrates arguably the most essential technique in the book - the uniform layer haircut.

Short Round Uniform Layer With Conical Crown Tutorial

48 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s uniform layered haircut is an essential shape to learn. Combining street-chic and the classic image of Audrey Hepburn.

How To Cut A Uniform Layer With Pivoting Sections Tutorial

45 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s women's short haircut tutorial demonstrates a simple method of working with over-direction