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How to Cut a Uniform Layer Haircut on a Training Head

With Stacey Broughton
Duration37 minutes
Skill levelFoundation


Stacey Broughton's head block basic haircut is a classic uniform layer. This works with a shape on its base, effectively cutting the hair in equal lengths throughout the cut. This technique teaches you how to follow the head shape and create a shape with no over-direction, as everything is pulled to 90 degrees from the head. Stacey begins with the nape section which forms the perimeter outline and provides the guide for the whole internal shape. Next, Stacey takes a central vertical section, breaking it into small manageable portions. Each section is cut at 90 degrees directly on its base. It is important not to pull backwards or to push forwards, avoiding any over-direction throughout the pivoting section in the back area. Stacey then works on the side and top areas, continuing to work in manageable portions and angling the hair at 90 degrees. He cuts a line parallel to the head using the previous section in the back as a guide on both sides to the round of the head. Finally Stacey completes the section through to the front hairline and refines the perimeter shape to achieve this essential classic haircut, pure in technique yet adaptable for the modern salon.

Members can also find below a step by step guide to a Uniform Layer Haircut on a Training Head.

Technical skills

  • Blunt cutting
  • Cross checking
  • Curved lines
  • Elevation
  • Layering
  • Pivoting
  • Point cutting
  • Tension
  • Uniform layer


Contributor: Stacey Broughton
Model: N/A
Make-Up Artist: N/A
Photographer: Jamie Harrison

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