Foundation Facial Hair Grooming

5 training videos

Creating Facial Hair Shapes

4 minutes

Learn all about providing professional facial hair services – including consultancy, preparation, methods & techniques, suitability and aftercare – in New York Barbershop’s foundation-level tutorial

Moustache Cutting and Shaping

9 minutes

Dive into moustache cutting and shaping in this foundation-level barbering tutorial by leading barbering stylist MK, who demonstrates a lip line moustache technique.

Full Beard and Moustache

49 minutes

Want to expand your facial grooming skill set? Don’t miss the full beard and moustache by New York Barbershop’s Erika Vera, MK and Stelios Chondros.

Partial Beard and Moustache

13 minutes

Erika Vera of New York Barbershop demonstrates a traditional partial beard while MK shows you a moustache only service. Don’t miss this foundation-level barbering tutorial.

Eyebrow Shaping

5 minutes

Want to add the eyebrow trim to your barbering repertoire? Then take this foundation-level barbering tutorial from MK to learn how to reduce eyebrow length using a rake cutting technique.