Advanced Short Layering Videos

5 training videos

The Weller Mod Haircut Step By Step Video

30 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircut is a sweet modernist carved shape, influenced by 60s and 80s mod culture.

How To Do A Round Layer With An Undercut On Afro Hair

20 minutes

Tim Hartley's haircutting tutorial demonstrates a creative round graduated shape with an undercut on African Type 4 hair. Tim provides advice on outline shape, layering, over-direction and clipper work.

Round Layering Haircut With Rectangular Disconnection Tutorial

34 minutes

Johnny Othona's tutorial is a commercial round layered technique, with rectangular disconnection placed on the parting to give a drop balance of length sweeping around the curved fringe.

Flat Triangular Layered Haircut With A Fringe Tutorial

32 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's haircut is a flat triangular layered shape with a fringe. The sectioning is simple to use on any texture or length, but it's the judgement of shape and angle for suitability which is key.

Round Layered Pixie Cut With Triple Elements Tutorial

34 minutes

Mazella&Palmer’s haircutting tutorial integrates a soft, round layered underneath curved with a disconnected fringe and a disconnected teardrop over the eye.