Advanced Redhead Colouring Videos

5 training videos

Modern Red Bob Using Cross Checking Colours Tutorial

24 minutes

Christiano Lanza demonstrates a colouring technique incorporating three levels of colour with a panel through the sides inspired by the eyebrow line.

How To Do A Cyclamen Pure Tone Hair Colour Video Tutorial

20 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial complements Tim Hartley’s haircut with a vibrant outburst of reds and pinks, framing the outline with a stunning border of colour.

Reflecting Colour

32 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colour tutorial is inspired by artist James Turrell.

Hair Colour Correction With Red Orange Tones

26 minutes

Bruno Elorrioroz’s hair colouring tutorial begins by removing all-over colour using back to back sections before applying a deep red orange all-over base colour.
The final result is a dark blonde with a rich red/orange tone to perfectly complement Charlotte's skin tone and eye colour.

The Daisy - Fashion Hair Colour

5 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a pure fashion colour using a bright intense red on the top.