Advanced Barbering Haircut Videos

7 training videos

How To Do A Three Tier Disconnection Haircut Video Tutorial

20 minutes

Tim Hartley’s tutorial demonstrates three tiers of technique and disconnection, featuring pointers on position of graduation, fading, disconnection and balance between extreme lengths.

Combination of Graduation, Layering and Disconnection

26 minutes

Mazella&Palmer's men's haircut is a combination of graduation and layering for an asymmetric groomed interior with disconnected, diffused, foppish tendrils for a romantic edge.

Razor Fade Haircut Tutorial Video

30 minutes

Jason Verhaeghe of New York Barbershop demonstrates a conventional razor fade, featuring pointers on clipper type and size, guidelines, dexterity and scissor-over-comb techniques.

How To Do An Asymmetric Bald Fade Haircut

42 minutes

Sid Sottung's men's haircut is a pure blend from skin to hair throughout the head shape using a straight razor and clipper attachments.

How To Do A Freehand Crop Haircut

33 minutes

Sarah Astley’s men's haircut is a slim line textured crop with a blend from hair to skin - a refined gradient in celebration of organic movement and natural structure.