Creative Mens Haircut Tutorials

6 training videos

Design and Create Patterns in Hair

16 minutes

MK’s tutorial explains and demonstrates how to create a pattern in the hair. The tutorial shows how to create an initial outline, then how to fill out the design with a variety of techniques to create shading, texture and perspective. The tutorial also explains what tools you would need and how to use the tools to create your design.

Square Graduation With A Disconnected Fringe Tutorial

22 minutes

Tim Hartley’s men’s hairdressing tutorial features a tight graduated interior shape and a disconnected fringe

Psychobilly Overdirected Crop Hairstyle

47 minutes

Dale Ted Watkins' tutorial is a men's over-directed crop haircut with a pure blend of scissor-over-comb and clipper-over-comb techniques worked technically through the interior in the top for a 50s sty;e psycholbilly quiff.

Step By Step Guide To Men's Flat Graduation Haircut Video

34 minutes

Tim Hartley’s men's haircutting tutorial is a flat graduated shape with a tight hairline and strong fringe. Tim provides essential pointers on the positioning of a graduated guide, over-direction, blending, tapering and working suitably with growth patterns.

How To Cut A Flat Graduation With Disconnection Haircut

23 minutes

Gary Woo’s man’s haircut tutorial is a flat graduated shape with disconnection. The video contains pointers on masculine head shapes, finger angle, over-comb techniques and a tapered outline.